The experience gained since 1986 in the field of Porsche cars allows us to grant the full transparency about the real conditions of the cars for sale. In facts, the contract includes important data in writing, such as:

- covered kms - eventual accidents involving the car - optional (with fee) accessories (thus excluding the standard equipment, whose mentioning would only confuse ideas).

Also, in the matter of the car conditions at the time of sale, All cars are delivered with the following services:

- servicing carried out since less than 10,000 Km - new tiring or 5mm (70 %) and not older than 2 years - service book and/or invoices for the services performed on the car in the course of time.

If the customer requires it, we can obviously deliver in Italy the purchased car directly to his garage without additional costs. We are also organized to sell our cars anywhere without compelling our customers to come to our location.

Following the sale we grant the following services:

- Pick-up and delivery of the customer’s car in order to carry out the normal maintenance or (if required) restoration, entrusting it to a Porsche authorized mechanic workshop - tire changing according to the factory specifications - opportunity, for our customers, to take advantage of consignment, in order to sell the previously purchased car without having to buy another one.